She's Simply Amazing

Amy Thackeray | On Resilience After Trauma

Episode Summary

Amy Thackeray is an ultra-marathoner with numerous awards and top finishes to her name. But even more inspiring is the Amy has achieved these feats while battling chronic auto-immune diseases and working through childhood trauma and abuse.

Episode Notes

Amy is one of those athletes that make you go... "Seriously, I can't even imagine. I could never." But she started just like any other ultra-marathoner, puking at the end of a 5k. What makes her journey even that much more impressive is that Amy has accomplished all of this while dealing with chronic auto-immune diseases that end up with hospitalization on a regular basis. On top of her physical challenges, Amy has also spent much of her adult life trying to process and overcome a traumatic childhood that involved abandonment and abuse. Resilience has been her mantra - telling herself that she can survive anything and continue to push forward with purpose. She credits her spirituality, her husband, and her children for being the foundation that helped her heal and thrive. Her message is that we all have the resilience to thrive through more than we know. 


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